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Theme: food-delivery

Genre: action adventure

Platforms: PC (so far)
Developer: Glis Glis







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Development and additional info

The project started in 2022 by Glis Glis, a Croatian gamedev studio, with Eugen Štimac, owner, as a project lead. The idea initially formed and started its life during the local Startup incubation program, received a good reception and ultimately reached the finals of the said program/competition. The first version of the game is so far being developed for PC, with possible later ports for consoles/mobile.

The game draws inspiration from hand-drawn adventure games of the 1990’s and 2000’s like The Curse of Monkey Island on one hand, and open-city action games like Grand Theft Auto on the other. The vision is making a game that flourishes in the player exploration and the open aspect of the city with food delivery as the main theme, while incorporating stunning hand-drawn graphics without the need for violence.

The game environment is set in a summery coastal city bustling with all kinds of intelligent creatures – humans and the (humanoid) animals, which all form a complex and equal society living together. The main character is a young woman (human) who has a dormouse companion-colleague.

There are many other aspects of the game, like interesting story and dialogues, which influence the player progress branching, and one of the main focus of the game is developing relationship with people in the city, highlighting the importance of communication in real life. There’s action and the possibility to upgrade the character and his vehicle (and some other stuff).

Other details and mechanics will be uncovered during the game development and in the final product, so stay tuned with the project socials or support the game progress if you like it on Patreon – this is also where game ideas will be discussed, as audience will influence the end game look!


Glis Glis indie game dev studio works on others’ project ideas as well as on its own games – with food2dormouse being the biggest project owned by the studio that is currently in development. Studio is located in a coastal town of Rijeka in a very tiny and picturesque country, Croatia.

Founded in 2021 by Eugen Štimac, a video game enthusiast and gamedev programmer-freelancer, over the time it expanded to a tiny, vibrant and skilled young team of programmers and artists. On their own, they are able to develop any 2D game that the customers or the studio thinks of, from start to finish.

The main programming tool of choice being utilized: Gamemaker.


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