Food2dormouse is a game following the adventures of a young girl and her dormouse friend as they deliver food for a delivery corporation. The ultimate goal? One day own their own food truck!

The game can best be described as Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game without the violence – the world is instead filled with humanoid animals and you need to use your wits to progress and find your place in the sun. You will try to to make a place for yourself in this diverse world, with actions and choices shaping the main story line and the world around you.

Hand-drawn characters and graphics are used everywhere, literally. Humans are just another species – not even a major one.

Finally, open city environment and flexible choice progress caters to all the adventures you will be experiencing, no worries there!

Game screenshot



The main character is a young girl who recently finished highschool and moved to a bigger city to work and make a living.

As any young being, she has her dreams, goals and desires. Food is definitely among them, while the necessity of talking more than really brief sentences still escapes her.

Titular dormouse is a fluffy animal character seldom seen in stories.

A dormouse, if you didn’t know, is a sleepy rodent living in forests, getting its name from French dormir – to sleep, or English dormant.

Dormouse companion, animated


The coastal and sunny city where the player and his cute companion are bound to reach their dreams has many different inhabitants – from humans and (dor)mice over pandas to frogs and many other animals. There are some other unusal city-dwellers to encounter, but we’ll leave that for you to discover 🙂

As these creatures are very diverse, so are their dwellings, houses, holes and whatnot. There are interesting buldings and oddities to discover in each neighbourhood.

Restaurant building
Cheesweheel building


Exterior bw sketch
Interior sketch
Workout rabbit
Pedestrians sketch
Rhino sketch in black-white
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